Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

In order to use this website it is necessary to read and accept these terms and conditions entirely. If you continue to visit this website we suppose that you agree to these terms and conditions.



The content of the website www.pol-grigorescu.ro cannot be reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, republished, copied or transmitted in any form, including, but not being limited to the electronic form without the previous written consent of the Policlinica Grigorescu. The published materials and the content www.pol-grigorescu.ro can be used for a personal purpose, their marketing being forbidden.

Policlinica Grigorescu is not liable for the damages caused by the unauthorized use of the information from www.pol-grigorescu.ro. Policlinica Grigorescu reserves the right to make changes in the materials and content of www.pol-grigorescu.ro according to the changes that occur regarding the services offered.

Policlinica Grigorescu is not liable for any costs and/or material losses resulting from the use of the information from the website or for any damage arising from the malfunctions of any kind of the www.pol-grigorescu.ro website.


Online Dermatology

Online consultation offers general information for understanding the health status of the patient, according to the information supplied. This is not similar to the dermatological consultations offered in the polyclinic, having an educational and indicative nature and is offered at the express request of the patient. A medical diagnosis requires an in-person consultation with a medical specialist. The recommendations offered via this section must be discussed with your doctor, the authors of the section cannot be held liable for any damage whatsoever.

Online consultation has a limited nature, and it is not possible to issue medical certificates for absence from work, medical certificates, etc.

Using online consultation for minors will be done only through the parent or the legal guardian, according to the legislation in force.

If the solution requires a longer time than what we offered (24 working hours) you take responsibility for this in advance. Policlinica Grigorescu will not reimburse the payments made for the answers sent via the section Online dermatology, no matter the situation. The requests for online consultation services that do not meet all the necessary conditions (insufficient information, blurry photos, conditions requiring specific investigations) will not be accepted for resolution nor payment.

www.pol-grigorescu.ro uses safe payment systems via payment service providers and does not store your bank card data or other payment details. Although we do our best to ensure the safety of the transactions, we cannot be held liable for the breach of security by third parties and we cannot be held liable for the abusive use by these of the payment system.


Functioning of the website

Policlinica Grigorescu is not liable for the interruption in the website operation, does not guarantee the continuity of the services as a consequence of unpredictable situation (powercuts, network or equipment failure, force majeure).

Policlinica Grigorescu is not liable for the website being accessed by minors and does not willingly offer information to them.

Policlinica Grigorescu is not liable for the possible errors occurred on the website and shall be exempt from any liability for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use or the access/visitation of the website or following the use of the information from the website.


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