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Policlinica GRIGORESCU

Established in 1995, Policlinica GRIGORESCU developed in time, its main goal being to provide quality medical services.

The patient is the focus of our staff, the polyclinic offering family medicine services and multiple medical specialities.

The prices charged in our unit are the most affordable because we wish to cover a segment of the population as wide as possible, maintaining the quality of the medical care process at the highest level.

We offer services of laboratory tests collection, that are processed in a prestigious centre, Hiperdia.


Family medicine


Monday-Friday: 7:00 – 20:00


Str. Stefan Mora nr. 1, ap. 2
400295, Cluj-Napoca

About us

Policlinica GRIGORESCU has a history of over twenty years, being the second medical private institution of this type in Cluj-Napoca.

During all these years it stayed in its original location, str. Ștefan Mora 1, in the middle of the Grigorescu district, being close to its faithful patients.
The highly qualified staff, with the help of high-performance equipment has striven and is still striving to meet the patient’s expectations and needs. This being also our motto: “Always paying attention to your health!”.

The first step in treating current and chronic health diseases of the patients in Grigorescu district was taken in 1999 by contracting with the Cluj Health Insurance Fund (CAS) the family medicine services represented by the primary care physician Dr. Puia Sorin, Family Medicine.

For the specialities Pediatrics, Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, ENT and Endocrinology we offer private services and also services via contract with the health insurance fund (CAS).


Privately we offer services in other specialities: Dermatology, Gynecology, Cardiology, as well as access to high performance ultrasound.

Our Polyclinic provides access to laboratory services via a partnership with a prestigious laboratory spread throughout the national territory (Hiperdia). At our headquarters there is a collection centre, working daily from 7 to 10:30 (privately and also via contract with the health insurance fund, as long as there are available funds), the processing of the samples being carried out in the Hiperdia laboratories. The results of laboratory tests can also be obtained online, if you apply for a code at the time of the collection.

The quality of our services is also backed up by the implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards.

We aim to continuously increase the quality of the medical services we provide so that the patients’ needs be fulfilled and so they remain faithful to our Polyclinic.

Medical specialists.
Services for your health.

The Policlinica Grigorescu is a competent, efficient, open, customer-oriented company, having as activity field the provision of medical services and the collection of biological samples.

Collection for medical tests



Within the Policlinica Grigorescu you have the possibility to benefit from quality medical services for various specialities. In order to find out the operating hours of the offices, the doctors that can consult you, as well as the rates, choose the field you are interested in:


Services for this speciality can be accessed via CAS

Diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases

Services for this speciality can be accessed via CAS


Consultations and various specialized maneuvers


General consultations offered by Dr. Puia Sorin, Family Medicine primary care physician and Dr. Domnariu Gabriel Family Medicine specialist and primary care pediatrician, both with general ultrasound expertise


Services for this speciality can be accessed via CAS


Services for this speciality can be accessed via CAS


Consultations and various specialized maneuvers


Consultations and various specialized maneuvers


Modern ultrasound Samsung H 60

-cardiac ultrasounds, abdominal ultrasounds, endocrinological and gynecological ultrasounds

Always consult a specialist.

Today’s easy access to information can offer false data or data that is difficult to interpret by the patient, which is why we always recommend seeking the medical advice of one of our specialists.

Why choose us?


Experienced doctors

(specialists and primary care physicians)


Short wait times

(efficient scheduling of consultations)





Excellent professional and efficient services


Over 25 years of activity

All this time the company’s mission has been to provide quality services in order to meet the needs of the patients.

Medical tests laboratory

Since 1.01.2013 the laboratory of Policlinica Grigorescu has merged with Hiperdia. At our headquarters, Ștefan Mora nr. 1, we have a collection centre working, the processing of the samples being carried out in the Hiperdia laboratories. For more information regarding tests or results please follow the link:
Laboratoarele Hiperdia


ISSUANCE OF RESULTS: 14:00 – 20:00

Daily appointments

Monday – Friday: 7:00 – 20:00
Phone: 0264.585.900
Mobile: 0754.041.447

Family medicine

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 7:30 – 15:00
Wednesday: 13:00 – 19:00
Thursday: 12:00 – 18:00

Only during working hours
Mobile: 0757.529.417


Family medicine


Str. Ștefan Mora nr. 1, ap. 2
400295, Cluj-Napoca

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